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Dear Potential College Players and Parents,
Embarking into college recruiting is a complex process which will require incredible patience and on point organization skills. The Hit Factory Baseball and Softball Academy has helped countless student-athletes in the program successfully navigate the recruiting process and secure millions in academic and athletic scholarships to continue a players athletic dreams of competing at the highest levels within their sports. We will help make the process as painless as possible and provide you with the needed information to assist in making the best possible decisions on a player's future in the game.
The NCAA logo above is an ACTIVE link which will navigate you to the NCAA Eligibility Center to complete either your player's General Profile or Certification Profile. They are two different types which are easy to understand.
The HF COLLEGE RECRUITING logo above is an ACTIVE link which will navigate you to the PREPSTAR website to login to your player's account. Use of this recruiting platform is an additional cost and will be explained in detail at a recruiting meeting for players and parents. You a guardians and players will be able to manage and monitor closely the schools interested in your player and any communication between college coaches/recruiters and your player.
The PDF links to the right of the webpage are downloadable files which will help explain the recruiting process and are easy reference guides in the future.
Good luck throughout the college recruiting process!
The Hit Factory Baseball and Softball Academy Directors
Contact the Recruiting Director for the
Hit Factory Baseball and Softball Academy
Tele.:  813 - 244 - 3905     Email: HFProspects@yahoo.com
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Communication With College Coaches
College Baseball Recruiting Guidelines
Athletic Eligibility Requirements
Application Deadlines and Processes
Negotiating an Athletic Scholarship
Different Types of Offers
Early Recruiting
National Signing Day